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Welcome to my portfolio site. I focus on UX and UI design, where I am most interested in how technology and human interact. Here on this page, these four projects show contains a couple of my detailed process and design works. Each project has its own story that tells problems and solutions. For more of my current projects, you can click on the blog and follow along my design journey and social journey.


Sign is an ecosystem that creates a sense of community, to innovate on today’s technology that specially caters people who are deaf or hearing impaired. Its main purpose is to eliminate the barrier to communicate easily, which is an essential human need.


DMV is famous for its disastrous experiences – from the workers’ attitudes, to the lines, information and even to its environment that hasn’t been updated for years. This group project is dedicated to improving and rebranding this popular name. Included in the group project is Joy Onyecherelam, Haley Saba, Sheila Fischer, Dae Gon Kim and Lucas Gayda.


Re-imagining the in-store retail experience for a salon and to create a feasible concept of a futuristic salon, that involves latest technologies to enhance the experience of the business and its customers.


A quick visual design project, in 50 logos in 50 days and 50 minutes each takes out a spectrum of design language in mind of its theme and clients. Some of the logos has hidden messages and meanings. Can you catch which ones?


I love problem solving. "Design is nothing without function" couldn't be more true, as I believe that success comes from care, planning, and creativity. I graduated from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where I studied Web Design and New Media. I specialize in UX, UI Design, Visual Design, and Branding.

Be Kind. Be Humble. Work Hard.


Any Questions? Comments? Feedback? Or just want to connect with me? You can send me an email to this link below.