Jambalaya is a serif typeface inspired by the caf├ęs of New Orleans, paying homage to its historical French and Spanish influence that makes up its cuisine and musical spirit of the city. It appreciates the organic, fun and spirituality of their signature designs, constantly relating itself to its famous Jazz, sweet food, and even the Mardi Gras. The typeface is ideal for print usage as well as for titles and headings. For on screen usage, it is recommended to use at least 35pt size.


From its vibrant jazz rhythm to sweet beignets, the lively spirit of New Orleans stays to its root of history and tradition.


A thin horizontal and thick vertical was planned from the beginning, as well as the negative space in its characters, were also taken from the New Orleans Saints logo, to give it its traditional look.


A relatively tall x-height gives it a tall and narrow design, giving it an optically wide space for it to have a modern appearance that contains classic rules.


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The typeface and all its related documents were created by Kevin Lessy by May 2014 for Type Design with DC Scarpelli at Academy of Art University, San Francisco.